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Plus his relationship with little Marissa was awesome! The book was a bit too fast. I ended up really enjoying it! Safety gang view spoiler [ He is a manwhore.

Beginning of book before eye meets the heroine he is looking for a woman. And there is implied ONS. Later two of his hookups who he hooked up with together and with his brother try to get with him and say some stuff to heroine.

Not trying to make her uncomfortable. She was unhappy but it was not malicious. He tells them he is off the market.

She gets over it immediately. I would say this is super low OW drama. Hailey thinks she is separated from her husband. But they were never legally married.

She had a horrible life. Nov 21, Jabberwocky rated it really liked it Shelves: Adult Contemporary Romance Rating: Hotness Rating 3 out of 5 After reading the first book of the Caldwell Brothers series I considered myself a fan.

Morrison, the second book in this series has cemented my utter devotion to the dynamic writing duo Chelsea Camaron and M. This series revolves around the 3 Caldwell brothers who were pretty much spawned by the devil, but fortunate enough to have an angel for a mother.

For years they stood powerless while their father beat their mother while she gave everything she had to pro Hotness Rating 3 out of 5 After reading the first book of the Caldwell Brothers series I considered myself a fan.

For years they stood powerless while their father beat their mother while she gave everything she had to protect them.

As they grew older the tables turned and they were no longer powerless they were the ones that protected their mother at all cost.

Morrison Caldwell may have lost his mom to cancer, but her love and lessons forever marked him. He has spent his adult life proving that he is no longer that poor, beaten down kid from Detroit.

If there is one thing his father taught him it's how to read people. This has served him well. Morrison is pretty famous in the gambling circuits.

He is definitely a man to be reckoned with. He exudes sex, power and money. He commands respect, but doesn't hesitate to give it back. Born to a prostitute mother that she loved with all her heart Hailey Poe learned early on that life is a series of checks and balances.

Everything Monte provided for Hailey he kept track of and expected her to work off in "wifely" duties. The only good thing he did for was give her their daughter, but even that was added to her debt column.

One day he just released her from their marriage and gave her 3 months to settle her debt or else Hailey knew she was never going to make it out alive, but she never gave up.

I loved this couple. Morrison was such a study in contrast. There were times when he came across as an arrogant, heartless jerk, but when he learned of Hailey's story and was face to face with her little girl he was a big old mushball.

His never ending patience with Hailey's lack of faith in humanity and fears was sigh-worthy. I loved how he called Hailey little momma and her daughter little Chick.

It made me smile every time. His explanation on the different types of women ass made me laugh out loud and his pledge to fulfill his deathbed promise to his mother to "be the good in a world of bad" made me tear up.

Hailey was a likeable character that broke my heart and inspired me all at once. Once "free" it was so hard for her to take the leap of faith and let someone help her, but she could never have done it without help.

She was the best mom and such a hard worker I just wanted her to accept the good that was being offered to her so bad.

I seriously can not say enough about this book and cannot wait to start Jagger's story. You can find this review and others at Books, Chocolate and Lipgloss.

Dec 02, Lustful Literature rated it really liked it. Morrison is the second book in this series, and I fell in love again.

Fields have written another stellar edition to this series. Nope what we get is action, steamy scenes, a feisty woman, an adorable princess and one dirty mouthed suit wearing gambling man who gets what he wants.

Morrison and his brothers have had a hard life, but Morrison has not let that stop him from going after what he wants. He has a strong connection with his brothers, and cherishes that family bond.

She has been let down and has been rung out through the ringer more times than she can count. Forced to marry a man she does not love and into a life she dreads, her only focus is to get her and her daughter away.

One very steamy and hot night turns into something neither expected. Once Hailey reveals who her husband is and how he is calling in her debt, and the debt being the little girl Marissa, things change for Morrison.

He has this unexplainable pull to Hailey and even more so now that there is pretty little girl in the mix. Hailey is far from a broken woman.

She does not need a man or help from anyone, but when Morrison offers her an escape she knows she has to take it. She is a strong, liberated and feisty woman throughout this story we see her character overcome so much.

I fell in love with Morrison the moment he followed Hailey in his Porsche and gave up his life in Las Vegas so that she and her daughter could be safe.

Hailey and Morrison and perfect together, they both have so much in common. They are both tough characters, both have been let down in their lives and both just needed for the tables to turn just once.

Morrison has this intense love and need for Hailey and her daughter that he was willing to sacrifice everything to keep them from harm.

Morrison and Hailey would find something that neither knew they were missing in life, a family of their own. Oh god, this is one book you want to pick up.

If you loved the first in this series than you NEED to grab this one. I just loved it! Nov 08, Donna Sweeney rated it it was amazing.

Kindly provided with an ARC by Netgalley in exchange for an honest review I have being drumming my fingers trying to be patient, waiting for this book to be released.

This is book 2 in the Caldwell bros series and is Morrison and Hailey's story. Hailey is a single mum and in my opinion was perfect for Morrison.

Hailey really came out of nowhere and challenged everything Morrison might have thought he wanted out of a women. Hailey needed her HEA and thank god Morrison gave it to her!!!.

This story was such a powerful, emotional read. I enjoyed every word, line, paragraph and chapter I am absolutely smitten with the Caldwell brother.

God I wish there was a football team of them In a heart beat. Do I want the next book? Outstanding story Chelsea and MJ!! Many thanks Netgalley for this opportunity xx Later peeps xxx Nov 30, Kris rated it really liked it Shelves: Unfortunately I found myself a little disappointed.

I guess i just couldn't relate to Morrison's slick persona or his complete and total "instalove" for someone he has just one encounter with in a parking lot.

After many card, poker, card game innuendos later I'm not sure I completely bought what Morrison was selling. He grew on me a little by the end but I had to really work at finishing the book.

Hailey was interesting enough but I didn't totally get behind her either. I found Morrison almost "too perfect". Bailing Hailey out, taking on her mob husband,loving her daughter like his own, bringing her home to Detroit, all after knowing her a week.

I'd like to give the author the benefit of the doubt and I hope for a better read with Jagger. Nov 30, Nicole Smith rated it it was amazing.

I loved this book. The Caldwell brothers may not be perfect by society standards, but they are what any woman would want in a man. They're loyal and have heart like their mother.

They bring good in the world of bad. Morrison may have the reputation on a ladies man and bedding many women, but he may just have met his match in Hailey.

Hailey has found herself stuck in a life she never wanted for herself let alone her beautiful daughter. The night she is boxed in by Morrison is the night that will I loved this book.

The night she is boxed in by Morrison is the night that will change her life forever. I loved Morrison's nick name for Hailey Little Momma.

The way Morrison treats her daughter and their Wednesday date nights melt my heart. You root for these guys, but especially Hailey you want her to get that HEA.

To see Hailey experience what a true family lives is something special. Aug 07, Aldy rated it it was ok Shelves: This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

To view it, click here. Apr 26, Sara rated it it was ok. Creo que es peor escrito que su antecesor Apr 19, Black Rose rated it liked it.

Dec 13, Asounani rated it it was ok Shelves: En lo general un libro que se deja leer pero me deja un sin sabor.

Mar 03, Laura Sayles rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love a book when the words just fly off the page and before you know it your at the end. I enjoyed this book, if you need to get out of a bad book funk this did it for me.

The letter at the end that Hailey wrote for her daughter made me tear up with her words, "you are the only one who knows what my heart sounds like from the inside".

Nov 24, JudyB rated it really liked it Shelves: Morrison is one of three strong men raised by their now deceased Momma.

Their beloved Momma led a hard life but raised her boys to bring good to the world, not bad. Morrison Caldwell aka Aces has two faces, the loving brother that would do anything for his two brothers and sister in law and the high roller gambling shark with places in Vegas and Atlantic City.

When he hits those towns he becomes an arrogant, pompous guy who loves the glitz and glamour and especially loves the women.

Hailey comes with her own baggage. Young, with a daughter and a desire to gain the independence she has never had.

Her husband is the low life villain in Sin City that runs the games and bought Hailey in a card game. When Morrison falls, he falls hard and in his own words has no problems turning his balls over to Hailey if that makes her feel better and makes her love him.

Hailey fights her love and holds onto her fear of being controlled again but finally has to let down all the barriers when she realizes Morrison loves her and wants only her heart and not to control her life.

I especially felt the strong family bond between Morrison and his brothers. Their beloved Momma raised three men who know how to treat a woman and put her on a pedestal.

So many of these types of romances feel contrived but I felt this one with my heart. Loved Morrison, now going to read about the other brothers.

This is the second book in the Caldwell series about brother Hendrix, Morrison, Jagger. It can be read as a standalone.

The first book Hendrix does feature Morrison, so if you do read it in order you'll get some insight. Morrison is an alpha male, but he's also a a really nice guy, and easy to connect with but for every hot man, there's a sexy challenging women in this case it's Hailey.

Hailey and Morrison are both solid likeable characters. They have great chemistry, where one pushes the other pulls breaking through their tough outer layers.

Morrison is hot, dramatic and funny, it caters for everyone. I read it over 2 nights. I would happily recommend it and give it a big fat 4 stars, and look forward to the next book in the set.

I was gifted a copy of this book from the publisher via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Dec 03, Jen rated it really liked it. Read the full review on Bookaholics Not-So-Anonymous.

This ARC was provided by Loveswept in exchange for an honest review. Morrison is the second novel in the Caldwell Brothers series from the writing duo of M.

Fields and Chelsea Camaron. Book two is about the middle Caldwell brother, Morrison, a professional card player who has made a name for himself in known gambling cities, but it's Vegas that he truly considers his playground.

It's there that he meets Hailey Poe, a woman who has recently separated from her card shark husband who has a reputation in the city as well. Hailey's life is centered on her young daughter, so she chose to bide her time while her husband treated her terribly.

In her, Morrison sees someone who reminds him of his mother and what she went through with her sons' alcoholic and abusive husband.

As much as he helps Hailey and wants more from her, he doesn't want her to be with him out of indebtedness. Morrison and Hailey's relationship went in a direction that pleasantly surprised me, as did Morrison's choice to take things at a much slower pace than I would have expected, given his reputation when it comes to women, one that was established in the first book.

There were times that I felt Hailey was a tad unappreciative of Morrison basically upending his life for her, but then I also get that her marriage traumatized her and her priority was her daughter and creating a better and more independent life for themselves.

The closeness among the three Caldwell brothers--Hendrix, Morrison, and Jagger--is one of the hallmarks of the series and how they're ready to drop anything and everything when one of them needs help, whether asked for or not.

I'm looking forward to Jagger's story next. Four stars for Morrison! Nov 11, Renee rated it it was amazing. Life is a game of chances and not a game of hearts.

Morrison Caldwell, the middle Caldwell brother is the wild card. He is the gambler that surprisingly does know his limits.

He has a sort of routine that makes you just adore him. He gets off the plane, goes to a slot machine and then based on a win or lose he plans his night.

He is ritualistic which I find to be a new character trait I have never read before. Usually you would think that a gambler would not identify his limits, but Morrison does.

So for me I am a Jared Caldwell nut, fanatic, stalker and well I do admit to labeling myself as the future Mrs Caldwell.

Jared doesnt know it but we are destined to be together. Jared is not part of the three brothers so I am desperate for his novel but next is Jagger.

While I loved Morrison for his planning and devious mind when it comes to finance, I want Jagger. Jagger is a serious WaitingOnWednesday.

Anyways I loved Hailey, the obviously broken girl with a past that is dark. I do love dark and this story killed it! The first few chapters show how this world is just evil.

Hailey remains a planner and a few plot twists here have you stuttering for sure, she was so cool.

I wont go into some of the plot twist but the one that stands in my mind was towards the end with Monte. WOW I was stunned and don't want to believe him, but its so realistic that maybe I do.

I say it is a must read, so grab it now! Nov 28, The Smutbrarians rated it liked it. I honestly DID have high hopes after reading the blurb but the book just didnt follow through unfortunately.

Morrison who is a rich, arrogant ass comes across a women who he falls head over heels for. You would think that finding the "one" would make him stop being so arrogant but not in his case and it actually turned me off to him.

He evidentally has had a rough life but is now a professional gambler? But what made this novel so engaging were the characters!

Fei Long is just one-of-a-kind! He is noble, respectable, brooding and handsome! Yan Ling may appear weak outside, but she's got fire inside her.

She is smart, diligent and easy to please. She wants nothing but to make Fei Long proud of the task he was given to her.

He is just so charming. My only dislike is the title, because it didn't fit the story, but it was just a tiny detail. One of my best reads this year and already in my list of favorite historical romance books.

Story of the duties and customs of China and how two people try to find happiness while maintaining honor. Even though I knew what was coming, it was fun to get there.

I also learned more about China in the past. Top rated Most recent Top rated. All reviewers Verified purchase only All reviewers All stars 5 star only 4 star only 3 star only 2 star only 1 star only All positive All critical All stars All formats Format: There was a problem filtering reviews right now.

Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. There was a problem loading comments right now. Pearl was to be wed to a barbarian ruler in order to keep the peace in the empire.

I knew Fei Long was a compassionate man when he let Pearl and her lover escape so Pearl could be happy. He could have just as easily killed the man and dragged Pearl back to face her duty.

I highly recommend it. Mass Market Paperback Verified Purchase. I am an avid reader, but I haven't read a romance novel in a while.

A lot of them seem to be the same, so I was really happy to find out about author Jeannie Lin and these historical romances she's written.

This novel is based on a period in China where a type of arranged marriage is performed to keep the peace amongst neighboring nations.

Handsome nobleman Fei Long finds a tea girl to take the place of his sister who has escaped from this arrangement. His job is to teach her the manners expected of a noblewoman in a short time.

The characters are well written and the book is a fun read. There is a lot of sexual tension between the main characters and a lot of teasing of the reader.

I enjoyed this and look forward to reading more from this author. One person found this helpful. I loved every bit of this book well, except maybe the title, but more on that later.

I'm only 3 books into my foray into reading historical romance, but already I'm wanting to run over to Amazon and buy the rest of Lin's backlist.

She does a fantastic job of immersing the reader in Tang Dynasty China and incorporating the cultural norms into the love story and how the hero and heroine interact and relate to each other.

And the love scenes were darn near perfect, without relying on the sometime snicker-worthy "throbbing member" and other such wording. The overall writing was enthralling, the details integrated so well and colorful.

My only complaint is the title, in that it really has nothing at all to do with anything that happens in the actual story, so I have to assume it was the publisher's idea.

However, the title didn't do anything to hamper my enjoyment of the book. I'm looking forward to reading more of Jeannie Lin's work in the future, and it's this kind of excellent cultural immersion that I strive for in my own work.

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Bai She Romance For 1000 Years Slot - Read the Review Now -

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